Scenario examples

Here are some samples of scenarios used in training. Maybe they’ll give you ideas for your own projects.

These were all written by me. Some are “real” and some are experimental, created to test ideas about scenario design. For more ideas on how to write scenarios and scenario questions, see the scenario design category of this blog.

Army training scenario example
Connect with Haji Kamal: You’re a US Army sergeant in Afghanistan. Can you help a young lieutenant make a good impression on a Pashtun leader? That’s the challenge behind “Connect with Haji Kamal.” Try the activity and learn how it was designed.
AutoLoon Ethics Training: Your client wants you to create an ethics course. But will that really solve their problem? Can you manage the conversation and avoid creating a useless information dump? Give it a try.

This is a deep scenario intended to help people practice a complex skill. Created in Twine.

Screenshot of scenario example
Learning Zeko: You’re a journalist rushing to a hot story in Zekostan, but your guide doesn’t speak English. Can you learn enough Zeko to follow his directions? Try the scenario and then see this blog post to learn how I produced it with an early version of Twine.

This experimental scenario shows one way to let people learn through experience, not presentations.

Chainsaw Training: What’s the best way to teach people to cut down a tree? Probably the best way isn’t the approach recommended in this scenario. However, the scenario isn’t supposed to be realistic. I wrote it to make a point.

Try the scenario. Do you agree with my point? Created in Twine.

Needlestick mini-scenario: “Tell them what they need to know, and then give them a scenario.” Is this really the best approach? Here’s an alternative that’s more efficient, challenging, and memorable.
Classroom Management: Is it okay to be a control freak when you write a branching scenario? Try this quick example and decide if it’s ever a good idea to lead people by the nose. Created in Twine.
Example scenario for training designers
Allison Wants a Course: Your client wants you to convert her content into an online course. Can you steer her away from that bad idea? Try this simplistic scenario that I created several years ago to test some ideas. For a more challenging scenario, I’d recommend you talk with the AutoLoon clients.