Map It: The action mapping book

No more information dumps!

Map It helps you turn training requests into projects that make a real difference.

You'll learn how to:

  • Help the client identify what's really causing the performance problem.
  • Determine the role (if any!) of training.
  • Create realistic activities that help people practice what they need to do, not just show what they know.
  • Choose the best format for each activity -- online, completed as a group, on paper, over email...
  • Provide each activity at the best time -- in the workflow, available on demand, spaced over time...
  • Let people pull the information they need to complete the activity -- no more information dumps!
  • Enjoy creating challenging activities that people want to complete.
  • Show how your project has improved the performance of the organization.
Map It: The hands-on guide to strategic training design by Cathy Moore

Using humor and lots of examples, Map It walks you through action mapping, a visual approach to needs analysis and training design. Organizations around the world use action mapping to improve performance with targeted, efficient training.

I have not read any book, nor taken any course, that has had the impact Map It has had on the way I design or my career as an ID. - ID on Reddit

I bought Map It and use it religiously. A real game changer in how I approach training ecosystems and performance issues. - Denise Hargett

I've been working through "Map It" by Cathy Moore, and thank goodness for that! I had a meeting today with the stakeholders for "a training" they wanted. I was able to use principles and examples from the book to break down what they wanted into measurable goals and lead the convo to figure out why they aren't being met. With that, we found that some issues weren't training issues, some were, and some that needed more information before they could be addressed. - Elizabeth Cahill

If I managed a group of junior instructional designers, I would definitely make this a developmental exercise for the team. I'd have them read a few chapters, then discuss how we could apply it to our daily work. Love the way she writes; very practical and she gets it! - Jane Woytowich

It's the funniest book about training I've ever read. - Stephanie Clewis

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