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Learn to design scenarios step by step, on the job. This self-paced toolkit walks you through the process, and interactive tools help you make the tricky decisions.

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Can you learn a new language while on the run in a foreign country? This scenario shows how we can help people learn from fictional experience.

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Who's steering this ship?

Cathy Moore is an internationally recognized training designer who wants to save the world from boring instruction.

She helps L&D professionals make an impact by solving performance problems and deeply challenging learners. Cathy created the action mapping model of training design that’s used to improve performance by companies worldwide.

The fundamental concept -- start with the business goal and work out from there -- is something you hear from a lot of people. It's easy to say. But Cathy gives you a method and shows you example after example of how that actually works.
– Julie Dirksen

Cathy Moore's work with Map It is one of those rare times that we can watch an entire industry go through a paradigm shift – once illuminated, her approach seems so obvious…and a joy to adopt. Cathy's approach will change you from a dime-a-dozen L&D order taker to an indispensable behaviour change consultant!
- Joel Smith

Cathy has a knack for making performance consulting seem simple-  which it can be, once you adopt the mindset.
– Tanya Lau

I love Cathy Moore and her methodologies. It’s made me who I am professionally and I ain’t afraid to shout about it.
– Toby Hewitt

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