Will training help?

Will training really solve the problem? Ask this flowchart. It helps you apply action mapping, a streamlined way to design training that’s focused and effective.

What's the best solution?

Do we need a job aid, better tools, training, or something else?

This is the web-friendly version of the "Will Training Help?" flowchart.
To download a PDF and learn how to use the flowchart, see Is training really the answer?
This is a small part of the action mapping approach to training design.

What's our goal?

How will our organization benefit?

A measure of our performance will increase/decrease X% by date as people in a specific job do something

More: Create a training goal in 2 steps

What do people need to DO?

What do people need to do on the job to reach our goal?

List all the major tasks. Use observable verbs.

Good: correctly apply policy X, respond appropriately to client concerns about Y, polish the widget to standard Z

Avoid: understand, appreciate, recognize, define...

Choose ONE thing

Choose one high-priority thing that people need to DO.

Choose a high-priority, observable, on-the-job task and focus on it alone.

Why aren't they doing that ONE thing?

The problem is mostly caused by issues with...

Try the environment branch first.

Focus on the one action you've chosen, not the entire project. 

(culture and tools)

Does the organization's culture make it hard or unappealing to do the thing?


If the problem is a lack of knowledge, where should that knowledge be stored?

Job aid or memory? flowchart


Will people be able to do the thing better with practice?


If people aren't motivated, is it due to problems with the environment, knowledge, or skills?

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