How to write training scenarios – style tips

Add life to your training scenarios

Make every scene sound real
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Do your training scenarios sound a little ... fake?

Is the dialog stiff? Do the scenes seem forced?

This free mini-toolkit will help. You'll quickly conquer the four main style challenges I've seen in many years of helping people write scenario-based training.

  • Why too much drama hurts your scenario, and how to fix it
  • How to show, not tell so players feel like part of the action
  • How to make dialog sound natural but concise
  • What to delete from your text, and what to include

Fun exercises help you practice rewriting blah scenario text, and you'll dig deeper through links to more resources.

Why is it hard to write fiction that sounds real?

We've been brainwashed by school and work.

"You need to impress people with big words and long sentences," the brainwashing says. "It should be hard to figure out who did what, and the only acceptable verb is 'is.'"

Deprogram yourself with this toolkit.

You'll learn how to write easy-to-picture scenes and real-sounding dialog, and you'll discover the joy of cutting everything else.

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Why listen to me?

I've been a training designer for most of my 38-year career. But I've also published an award-winning fictionalized biography and worked as an editor and copywriter.

I've written scenarios for Fortune 500 clients since 2003 and have shared scenario design tips in my blog since 2009.

My online course in scenario design ran several times a year from 2013-20. Participants came from organizations that include Amnesty International, Oracle, Ikea, Volvo, and the US Department of the Treasury. I learned a ton from the challenges that participants face.

Now my Scenario Design toolkit goes into more depth than the course ever could. You'll not only design challenging scenarios, you'll also practice persuading clients to listen to your ideas. Check it out.

Want a sample of my writing style? The first two example scenarios on this page were written by me.

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