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Action mapping process: This interactive graphic describes the entire action mapping process from goal-setting to development and evaluation. You can download a PNG version of the graphic from the same page.

Action mapping workflow as a Word docProcess as a Word doc: Edit this Word doc to apply it to your team and projects. Download it from the interactive graphic.

Action mapping job aid: This one-page graphic summarizes the design phases of action mapping, from setting a goal to deciding how to provide information. (See the interactive graphic above for the entire workflow, including development.)

Available as a PDF in two sizes:

Will training help? Use this flowchart with your SME and, ideally, your client to answer the question, “Why aren’t people doing this thing?” or “What makes it difficult?” You’ll decide how much of the problem is due to the environment, lack of knowledge, or lack of skills. Watch a short video to see how the chart works.

Available as a PDF in two sizes:

Job aid or memory? It’s common for a subject matter expert to think people need to memorize information when it would be easier (and often more reliable) to look it up instead. This flowchart will help you identify when people really need to memorize information.

Available as a PDF in two sizes:

Checklist for strong learning design: Use this intentionally controversial checklist to spur discussion when you’re evaluating training material. It helps you decide whether the material is action-oriented or an information dump.

Map It: The hands-on guide to strategic training design by Cathy Moore

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