Audio and video about action mapping

The Learning Hook

The Learning Hook podcast with Brenden Carter and Damala Scales Ghosh, April 2018.

  • How to avoid writing a "dud" scenario
  • The history and purpose of the action mapping model
  • The difference between mini and branching scenarios, and what they're good for
  • The processes and tools for creating and testing scenarios

Interview with Jo Cook

Multi-part interview for Training Journal, Jan. 2018.

  • Action mapping was born of frustration
  • The school mindset and its effects
  • Why action mapping doesn't work well in academia
  • How to improve your business knowledge with Google
  • The advantages of spaced learning for both facilitator and learner
  • What to do when the client says they don't measure anything

Interview with Connie Malamed

Elearning Coach podcast, Feb. 2018.

  • Should instructional designers be responsible for “solving all workplace problems?”
  • The advantages of branching scenarios
  • The many ways to deliver stand-alone activities rather than courses
  • When action mapping isn’t appropriate

TLDCast group discussion

Webinar interview by Brent Schlenker with lots of questions and ideas in the chat, March 2018.

  • Origin of action mapping
  • My switch from academia to business
  • How to use scenarios for small-group discussion in live sessions
  • How to market your design services to avoid "Turn this content into a course"
  • Cultural barriers to action mapping and similar approaches

Leading Learning interview

Podcast interview with Celisa Steele, March 2018.

  • The school mindset limits adoption of action mapping
  • Activity-driven materials could be a differentiator in the association market
  • How to approach design when you don't have direct access to the learners or you're creating off-the-shelf materials
  • Common mistakes in scenario design, including trying to write a generic story that applies to everyone
  • Learner personas, like marketing personas, help us understand the learner
  • How I learned to design a passive-solar house (hint: it wasn't through a course)

3 ways to motivate

Webinar discussion with a lively chat