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Can you answer these 6 questions about multiple-choice questions?

1. I opened a course on a topic I know nothing about, clicked through without reading anything, and took the assessment. I passed! What does that suggest? I am a genius! The assessment was too easy. Maybe the course was too easy, too. Maybe the course didn’t even need to be written. b, c, and […]

Branching or mini scenario: which do you need?

What type of scenario do you need? Will a one-scene mini-scenario be enough, or do you need a branching scenario? Learn more.

Sample activities for Map It

Here you’ll find links to activities that are mentioned in Map It, along with more activities to get you thinking. The inclusion of an activity on this page doesn’t mean, “Hey, you should do exactly this!” I chose these examples because they raise questions that will help you think more deeply about your own design. […]

Work out loud week, June 2016

It’s international work out loud week, so here I am, working out loud. There are no rules that I could find, so I’ll make them up. My current plan is to put all the days on this one page and focus on the decisions I’m making. Why do this? I like to learn from the […]

Tips for webinars or virtual training

“What tips do you have for giving webinars?” People have asked this a lot lately, so here’s my opinionated answer. Learn more.

Learning & development people unite!

We, the downtrodden and ignored learning and development professionals of the world, hereby shake off the shackles of convention and obedience and proclaim the arrival of a new order! Read more.

Can we use training to motivate?

Is low motivation a problem on its own, or is it caused by something else? Can training help, or is it a waste of time? Here are some ideas to consider, along with an update to the flowchart from the previous post. Read more.

Make sure they can use the information

Do employees answer multiple-choice questions as part of their jobs? Does a Jeopardy game about product features suddenly interrupt a sales call? Our activities need to help learners practice using new information in realistic ways. More about this topic: Why you want to focus on actions, not learning objectives: Learning objectives are wimpy. Instead, we […]

Could animations hurt learning?

A recent study suggests that the common habit of “building” information on a slide can interfere with learning. The researchers used Camtasia Studio to create two presentations on information security. The audio narration was the same in both presentations. The visuals were the same, too, except one presentation used an average of 3.4 animations per […]

Four ways to move your learners from clueless to confident

I climbed onto the tram, folded my ticket, and with some trepidation stuck it into an unmarked metal box. A happy ding announced my success. I did it! I correctly rode a tram in Amsterdam! Small victories like these make me love to travel. Every day I move from clueless to confident as I tackle […]