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New scenario examples to inspire you

Check out these examples of branching scenarios, and examine the design decisions behind them. Read more.

New scenario examples to inspire you

I’ve added several example scenarios to this collection, along with discussion to help you evaluate the designers’ choices.

Challenges you might not have seen before include:

  • Can you convince Carla to analyze the problem instead of throwing a course at it?
  • Your patient is HIV positive. Should you tell his wife?
  • Your student is stressed and might be cutting herself. Can you convince her to talk to the counselor?
  • Can you recognize gang activity and respond appropriately?
  • Something is bothering Hana. Can you persuade her to talk about it?

Screenshots of several branching scenarios

You’ll consider several design decisions, including:

  • What level of production is really necessary?
  • Should players have to choose every word they say in a conversation, or just some phrases?
  • How much information should we present, and how much can people easily figure out on their own?
  • How often, if ever, should we interrupt with hints or correction?

Try the scenarios here.

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We examine these types of activities in my scenario design course, which begins the first week of September. In this four-week course, you’ll immediately apply what you’re learning to a project on your job and get personal feedback from me. This is a popular course with limited seats, so register soon.

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Scenario design course starts in September 2019

Learn to design scenarios by designing scenarios, on the job. In this four-week online workshop, you'll apply what you learn to a project on your job and get personal feedback from Cathy.

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