Will action mapping help me convert content from one format to another?

Action mapping is designed to be used when you want to change what people do. It requires you to analyze what people are doing now and why they find it hard to change. In contrast, “convert this content” projects are focused entirely on the content. You’re expected to begin and end with the content you’re provided. Action mapping isn’t intended to be used in that situation.

However, if you’re allowed to do some task analysis in addition to “converting content,” action mapping could help you add new, more effective activities. For example, if you’re supposed to convert face-to-face material into self-paced elearning, and you’re allowed to talk to SMEs and learners to find out what people actually do on the job, you could replace the old information presentation with more effective activities.

For example, instead of presenting a bunch of slides, you could create activities that challenge people to make the same decisions they need to make on the job while they optionally pull the information as they need it.

You could also use the “convert this content” project to expand the formats used. For example, if you’re converting from face-to-face to elearning, you could question the assumption that the elearning should be packaged as one standalone course. Maybe it would be better if you created a bank of activities that learners could try right before they need to do the task in the real world, or maybe you could deliver a few activities at a time so people get spaced practice. There’s often no good argument for converting from one shot-in-the-arm format to another.

This is one of several action mapping FAQs.