Instructional Design Conferences Not to Miss in 2024

Whether you’re a seasoned L&D pro or trying to break into the field, continuous learning is the name of the game in the instructional design world. That’s why attending instructional design conferences can be an excellent way to network, deepen your industry knowledge, and gain new insights.

Whether you’re a seasoned L&D pro or trying to break into the field, continuous learning is the name of the game in the instructional design world.

That’s why attending instructional design conferences can be an excellent way to network, deepen your industry knowledge, and gain new insights.

As the industry continues to grow, 2024 is full of unmissable instructional design conferences and events! To ensure you don’t miss out, we’ve compiled a list of the top events you absolutely must add to your agenda.

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10 ID conferences to add to your calendar in 2024

Below are the best instructional design conferences to elevate your career this year. For each event, you’ll find an overview of what’s covered and the target audience:

ATD TechKnowledge 2024

The ATD TechKnowledge 2024 (TK24) conference is one of the most recognized events for instructional designers.
The ATD TechKnowledge (TK24) is one of the most recognized conferences for learning tech professionals.

During the immersive three-day event, attendees can participate in demos, active and hands-on learning sessions, and community conversations. There are also interactive sessions with keynote speakers, diving into the latest learning technologies, industry trends, and L&D innovations.


JW Marriott, Los Angeles, US


February 7–9, 2024

Best for:

Professionals interested in emerging technologies, the impact of AI, and innovation within the instructional design space.

Learning Guild: The ID: From Analysis to Evaluation

The Learning Guild online instructional design conference is an immersive and rewarding event.
This immersive online learning experience covers all the fundamental instructional design topics.

Guild Master Jane Bozarth leads this event, drawing on her wealth of expertise and topics from her book From Analysis to Evaluation: Tools, Tips, and Techniques for Trainers.

She will lead attendees through eight sessions that cover how to develop an elearning course, from analysis to evaluation. During each session, Jane will provide practical strategies and key insights into elearning development.




February 13–14, 2024

Best for:

Professionals looking to develop their elearning skills and create compelling courses.

Digital Learning Annual Conference

Digital Learning Annual Conference (DLAC) is an excellent event for leaders in the instructional design industry.
The Digital Learning Annual Conference (DLAC) is a jam-packed event with twenty hours of sessions and a thirty-hour full program.

You can choose a personalized pathway to ensure you get the knowledge you came for. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities to participate in immersive learning experiences and network with industry professionals from across the globe.

The focus of this event is instructional strategy and professional development.


Austin, TX


February 26–28, 2024

Best for:

Professionals who are directly involved in training strategy, such as chief learning officers (CLOs), L&D VPs, directors, and training managers.

People Development Summit

People Development Summit is an exclusive event for L&D decision makers and strategy influencers.
The People Development Summit is an exclusive event aimed at L&D decision-makers who directly impact strategy at a divisional or group level.

The conference creates a space for L&D professionals to connect with solution providers that can help with business needs and development goals. There is a varied programme of sessions with different suppliers, so you can personalize your experience.

As such, it’s free for anyone who holds the position of head of L&D to attend.


InterContinental, Madrid, Spain


March 13–15, 2024

Best for:

Professionals who lead L&D, talent development, and HR teams, as well as senior L&D delegates.

Learning Technologies

Learning Technologies is Europe's leading workplace learning conference.
Learning Technologies is the world’s leading conference dedicated to tech-supported workplace learning. This year, it will celebrate its 25th year.

The program focuses on emerging learning technologies, the role of AI, content design, and skill development.

It’s a great way for L&D professionals to stay ahead of the latest trends, best practices, and learning strategies.


London, UK


April 17–18, 2024

Best for:

Instructional designers, elearning developers, and L&D managers.

EdTech World Forum 2024

EdTech World Forum 2024 has a full program of speeches from leading industry professonals.
The EdTech World Forum 2024 will take place at the Kensington Conference and Event Centre. The two-day event will welcome 150 delegates and 25 speakers.

What’s more, there will be keynote feature speakers from Microsoft, UCL Bournemouth University, and Cambridge Assessment, amongst others.

As well as keynote speeches, there will be panel discussions, talks on a range of online learning topics, and networking opportunities.


London, UK


May 13–14, 2024

Best for:

L&D, elearning, curriculum management, and education professionals.

Learning & Development Executive Summit 2024

Learning & Development Executive Summit is an exclusive event for leaders in the L&D space.
The Learning & Development Executive Summit is an invite-only conference designed for leaders in L&D and talent managemen.

Throughout the two-day conference, attendees will enjoy interactive sessions, panel discussions with industry thought leaders, 121 meetings with solution providers, and networking opportunities.

This summit is ideal for leaders from Fortune 1000 to network and benchmark learning strategy best practices.


Seattle, WA


June 9–11, 2024

Best for:

Chief learning officers (CLOs), chief talent officers (CTOs), and leaders of L&D, talent management, and HR teams.

Ninth Annual Learning Experience Design Conference (LXDCON’24)

LXDCON'24 is a fun instructional design conference aimed at professionals interested in incorporating games into learning design.
LXDCON’24 is an engaging virtual conference that focuses on using games in learning design. As such, it’s ideal for professionals who are passionate about creating creative and motivating learning experiences.

The key themes include gamification in learning, theoretical and practical aspects of using play in LXD, and talks related to this year’s theme, “Let’s Play.”




June 11–14, 2024

Best for:

Professionals interested in the innovative use of gaming in educational design.

World of Learning Summit

The World of Learning conference is a space for senior L&D delegates to discuss the current issues affecting the industry and future solutions.
The World of Learning conference explores the latest issues affecting senior L&D professionals.

Attendees can enjoy talks by key industry figures and a varied agenda that tackles relevant instructional design topics.

This includes high-profile case studies, interactive seminars, panel debates, and networking opportunities.

As such, it’s an excellent event for L&D professionals to look ahead to the future of workplace learning and gain insights from leading thinkers in the space.



October 8–9, 2024

Best for:

Senior L&D professionals and training managers.


DevLearn Conference & Expo is one of North America's leading L&D conferences.
DevLearn Conference & Expo is one of North America’s biggest learning and development conferences. As such, it’s a fantastic event for L&D pros interested in the future of learning technologies.

Attendees will have an opportunity to attend 150 sessions covering key topics related to technology-based learning.

In addition, there’s a selection of pre-conference workshops, certificates, and co-located events that attendees can participate in.


Las Vegas, Nevada


November 6–8, 2024

Best for:

Professionals with a keen interest in emerging learning technologies and innovation, including instructional designers, developers, and CLOs.

Wrapping up

2024 looks set to be another exciting year for the L&D industry, with big events all over the globe. As you put together your schedule for the year, make strategic decisions about the instructional design conferences you attend.

After all, you can’t attend every event. Start by outlining your goals and narrowing your list down to the conferences that align with those objectives. Then, filter your list further by choosing the conferences that are particularly relevant to your niche or industry. Finally, don’t forget to capture the highlights to share with your team. Enjoy!

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