Map It! resources

Thanks for buying Map It! Here are some resources you might find helpful.

The action mapping process

This interactive graphic describes the entire action mapping process from goal-setting to evaluation.

Will action mapping work for your project? Get instant, customized advice from this decision tool.

Set the goal and analyze the problem

Use these job aids with your SMEs to help them understand the process, analyze the problem, and decide if people really need to memorize everything.

By changing how you talk to stakeholders, you can steer them away from an information dump and toward targeted solutions that improve lives.

This in-depth toolkit helps you stop being an order taker and move toward performance consulting.

Design challenging activities

Try these examples of training scenarios. I've included questions to help you evaluate the decisions made by the designers.

Do your training scenarios sound a little ... fake? Is the dialog stiff? Do the scenes seem forced? This free mini-toolkit will help.

You'll practice rewriting blah scenario text, including dialog. You'll show, not tell, so learners feel like they're part of the action.

Want to help people change what they do, not just what they know? Give them realistic practice with scenarios.

Follow the steps in the Scenario Design toolkit to create challenging activities for any format, live and elearning.

Use this intentionally controversial checklist to spur discussion when you're evaluating training material. It helps you decide whether the material is action-oriented or an information dump.



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