How action mapping can change your design process

action mapping for instructional design

Happy action mapping users say that the model helps them create lively elearning. But would it fit into your design workflow? Here’s a look at the process from start to finish. Read more

Checklist for strong elearning

Elearning checklist

Action-packed elearning or boring information dump? This provocative checklist will help you evaluate and discuss your elearning materials. Rate the 14 factors, then glance down the central column to see which items are closest to the dreaded “information dump” and need the most work. Read more

How to convert the toughest SME


You want to create an action-packed online experience that revolutionizes learners’ behavior. Your subject matter expert wants you to faithfully reproduce every lovingly polished bullet of their 217-slide PowerPoint presentation. Is there any hope for your relationship? Everyone knows that in any relationship, it’s the other person who needs to change. So let’s change your […]

No time for design?


Do we still care about instructional design? This graph from Google Trends compares searches for “elearning” with searches for “instructional design.” At first, “elearning” followed “instructional design” in a sad slope downward. But in the last couple of years, “elearning” has perked up again, while its friend “instructional design” continues its descent into obscurity. Maybe […]

How to keep track of clients’ favorite details


You lurch awake at 2 AM, thinking, “What if the client asks where I put sub-policy 12.5B? Did I cover it? Where?” At the start of an elearning project, your client will often give you more information than will be useful. Some of it will go into your elearning material, some will go into job […]

Be an elearning action hero!

Action mapping

This quick, visual approach to instructional design helps you change what people do, not just what they know. It keeps your team members focused on a measurable business goal, and it can keep stakeholders from adding extraneous information. Read more