Learning & development people unite!

L&D manifesto

We, the downtrodden and ignored learning and development professionals of the world, hereby shake off the shackles of convention and obedience and proclaim the arrival of a new order! Read more.

Can we use training to motivate?

Can training motivate?

Is low motivation a problem on its own, or is it caused by something else? Can training help, or is it a waste of time? Here are some ideas to consider, along with an update to the flowchart from the previous post. Read more.

Is training really the answer? Ask the flowchart.

Is training really the answer?

Is training really the best solution to a problem? Often, no. Here’s a flowchart that will help you identify what will really work, whether it’s a job aid, a workflow improvement, training, or something else. Read more.

How action mapping can change your design process

action mapping for instructional design

Happy action mapping users say that the model helps them create lively elearning. But would it fit into your design workflow? Here’s a look at the process from start to finish. Read more

Highlights from the Learning Technologies conference


Last week, I presented on action mapping at the lively and thought-provoking Learning Technologies conference in London. It was great to meet and share ideas with passionate advocates and critics of elearning. Thank you, Don Taylor and the hard-working conference team, for bringing us all together! As some readers requested, here are the main points […]

How to convert the toughest SME


You want to create an action-packed online experience that revolutionizes learners’ behavior. Your subject matter expert wants you to faithfully reproduce every lovingly polished bullet of their 217-slide PowerPoint presentation. Is there any hope for your relationship? Everyone knows that in any relationship, it’s the other person who needs to change. So let’s change your […]

Prove it with a prototype


Are you dreaming of an immersive simulation while your team members plan yet another Jeopardy game? If you want stakeholders to expand their horizons, a working prototype is your best friend. A working prototype has simple placeholder graphics, but the clicking and dragging work as they will in the final activity. Build a quick-and-dirty version […]

How to steer your client away from an information dump


For a quick overview of the Action Mapping process described in this interaction, see Be an elearning action hero. For in-depth help with applying this process to your own materials, check out the Elearning Blueprint. How I designed and built the scenario Some people avoid creating branching scenarios because they seem too complex. In case […]

No time for design?


Do we still care about instructional design? This graph from Google Trends compares searches for “elearning” with searches for “instructional design.” At first, “elearning” followed “instructional design” in a sad slope downward. But in the last couple of years, “elearning” has perked up again, while its friend “instructional design” continues its descent into obscurity. Maybe […]

How to keep track of clients’ favorite details


You lurch awake at 2 AM, thinking, “What if the client asks where I put sub-policy 12.5B? Did I cover it? Where?” At the start of an elearning project, your client will often give you more information than will be useful. Some of it will go into your elearning material, some will go into job […]