Scenario-based training headquarters

Want to learn how to write scenarios? How does scenario-based training work? Find some quick answers here, along with examples of training scenarios and tips on how to use a free scenario-design tool.

Scenario examples
These scenario examples might give you ideas for your own projects.
How to write scenarios for training
Want tips and ideas on how to write scenarios? Check out my scenario design posts.
Scenario design workshop
In this live, online workshop, you’ll create realistic, challenging scenarios that support long-term performance improvement.
Research support for scenario-based training
Does scenario-based training work? What does the research say? Here’s a summary of some research, with links to more information.
How to use Twine to write scenarios
Twine is a free editor that makes it easy to write scenarios. Here’s some basic information to get you started, along with code you can use to customize the look and feel of your scenarios.
Books on how to write scenarios
Here are some books on how to write scenarios and help people learn through activities.

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Scenario design online course

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