Coming in May: Jedi mind tricks toolkit


Performance consulting for instructional designers

You can control your clients’ minds! Sort of.

Your client thinks training will solve their problem, but they haven’t even defined the problem. Your subject matter expert wants you to present their favorite content, but you suspect it will just waste time. What can you do?

You can magically control their minds!

By changing how you talk to stakeholders, you can steer them away from an information dump and toward targeted solutions that solve problems and improve lives. You’ll stop being an order taker and move toward performance consulting.

This online toolkit will show you how.

You’re in charge

You’ll focus on the initial conversation with the client, identifying actions you can take and words you can say to put the project on the best path. The toolkit covers:

  • Why many stakeholders think our job is to present information
  • What you should say to keep the initial conversation focused on the performance problem, not the “course”
  • The 8 words you should never say in the first meeting
  • How to get the client to agree to a second meeting to analyze the problem
  • The two questions you need to research to prepare for that meeting
  • The three questions that will help your client create a goal focused on performance, not content
  • How to use “outsider” questions to help stakeholders see for themselves whether the training they imagined is the best solution
  • Why you shouldn’t write traditional learning objectives, and what you should write instead
  • How designing activities, not information, lets you break free of courses and help people practice when they need it most

Toolkit: Guidance, tools, and practice

You’ll get:

  • Short, high-energy videos: See new ways to think about projects and speak to clients
  • Branching scenarios: Practice tricky client conversations and challenge your brain to think in new ways
  • Downloadable documents: Apply new skills and change your procedures with templates, worksheets, and flowcharts
  • Real-world to-dos: Embed the new approach in your workplace with my recommended on-the-job actions, and track your progress in the toolkit
  • Personal notes you can write in the toolkit: Identify what you’ll do differently, and download your notes

It’s not another course!
The toolkit is a menu-driven series of challenges, guidance, downloads, and real-world tasks. Start at the top and follow all the steps, or jump to the point you need right now.

The following video gives you a quick look inside.



Available in May 2019 for individuals and teams.

US $195 per person, with team pricing for groups of three or more.