The Learning Conference Online

Have a question? I'll answer many at this event.

The Learning Conference, Aug. 3-5 2020

On Aug. 4, I'll answer lots of questions during The Learning Conference. It's an ambitious online event spanning multiple days and time zones, with a lineup of inspiring speakers.

My session will be recorded, so even if you can't make the live event, you can still submit a question now and see the session later.

I hope we'll also have a lively chat window, so participants can share their answers and ideas as well.

We'll have only an hour, so we'll need to focus on a subset of the questions. Other questions will help me find topics to write about in my blog, so don't hesitate to add your idea to the list and vote on others' ideas.

Click "Give feedback" below, or enter your question here.

The form asks for an email address so the idea-collecting platform can notify you of comments on your idea if you want. We won't use it to send you anything else.

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