Action mapping accelerator: On-site consulting



What’s holding your team back? Let’s find out!

Individual designers can easily learn action mapping, but workplace procedures and culture often tie their hands. The result can be less performance improvement and more information dumps than you’d like to see. Let’s fix that.

In a one-day visit to your workplace, I’ll help you:

  • Identify and conquer the forces that are inspiring information dumps
  • Help your team transition from content producers to valued performance igniters
  • Establish new procedures that make it easy for everyone to create activity-rich materials
  • More deeply embed action mapping in your workplace

How it works

First, we’ll have a phone call to set our agenda and priorities. Then, I’ll come to your workplace full of curiosity. I want to know it all!

Introduce me to your team and show me your workflow. Tell me how your organization views your role and how you’d like to change that. Walk me through a typical project. Show me your forms and procedures. We’ll even look at the job descriptions you use to hire designers.

Questions we'll answer

  • How has the team “always done it,” and how is that getting in the way?
  • What written and unwritten rules are you supposed to follow? How can you change them?
  • Should all staff ask clients the tough questions, or only a few?
  • Do people have the consulting skills they need? If not, what’s the best way to build those skills?
  • Are staff and clients stuck in the tell-then-test model? How can you help them break free?
  • What forms do you use with clients, and what effects do they have?
  • What internal checklists and procedures do you use, and how do they limit you?
  • Can your current tools do what you need, or do they just encourage information dumps?
  • Are you hiring people who have the skills you need? If not, why not?

Questions we won't answer

  • Which LMS / elearning tool / other software should we buy?
    Our main focus will be on improving your design strategy and procedures. If it looks like a new tool will help, I’ll help you identify the features you need so you can interview vendors. The world has more tools than I can keep track of, so I don’t recommend specific products.
  • How should we design this particular course?
    If you’d like feedback for a specific project, consider setting up a strategy call. A site visit is better used to improve your overall strategy. (Besides, are you sure a course is the answer?)

I’ll summarize what we’ve decided in a written report. You’ll also have unlimited email support for 10 working days after I send you the report, to help you put it into action.


I’m based in Europe but can travel anywhere. Want to find out how I can help? Contact me.