4 ideas you should steal from interactive fiction

4 ideas you should steal from interactive fiction

Here are a few fun stories from the wild world of interactive fiction. Try them out to see cool techniques you can steal for your training scenarios. Read more.

3 powerful ideas you should steal from marketing

3 ideas you should steal from marketing

A popular commercial for shaving products gives us three ideas we can use to make training memorable and motivating. Learn more.

How humor helps + Powtoon review

How humor helps

Can a funny cartoon increase interest in training? Try this cartoon, and then stick around for a brief discussion of research about humor and a quick review of Powtoon. Read more.

Feedback in scenarios: Let them think!

Feedback in scenarios: Let them think!

Do we really need a know-it-all Omniscient One to explain everything to our learners? Or can we trust them to draw conclusions from the results of their choices? Read more.

Less text, more learning

Less text more learning

Do stakeholders want to add text to your materials? Here’s one study you can use to show how wordiness can hurt learning. The study compared three lessons about the same weather process. All lessons used the same illustrations but varied in the number of words. The lesson with the fewest words resulted in the most […]

Why you do not want to sound like a robot


“We shouldn’t use contractions because then people won’t take the content seriously.” Sound familiar? Or maybe you’ve heard this: “We shouldn’t use contractions because they’re confusing for people who speak English as a second language.” The result of these beliefs can be robotic chanting like the paragraph that you are reading now. I will not […]

Too basic? Chop it!


How to get everyone to write like Ernest Hemingway

Readability scores

Probably everyone on your team agrees that elearning should be concise and lively. But does everyone agree on what “concise and lively” looks like? Here’s one way to get everyone on the same stylistic page. Quantify, quantify When we talk about writing style, we can get bogged down in personal preferences that are hard to […]

Which verb will keep your learners’ interest?

Celebrity verbs Click the green arrow to help determine the next celebrity verb!

How to recognize elearning bloat


When stakeholders think every detail is equally important, the result can be bloated elearning. This hilarious YouTube video shows what I mean. To fight the enemy, we have to see it My favorite writing teacher used parody to help us recognize and remove bloat. Here’s a small example. The following statement is sort of Apple […]

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