5 quick ways to pull learners into a course

5 attention-grabbing ways to start a course

How can you create a lively start to your course? Try these five techniques to get learners involved and kick up the pace. Learn more.

Throw them in the deep end! (but keep a life preserver handy)

Throw them in the deep end!

What happens if you let learners try to figure it out themselves first, and only then teach them? They could learn much more deeply, according to several studies. Learn more.

Why you want to put the activity first

Content presentation followed by scenario

Turn traditional training on its head: Challenge learners from the start with decision-making scenarios and let them learn through experience. It’s not only more interesting and memorable, it makes our designs more efficient. Learn more.

5 ways to make linear navigation more interesting

I get to click the Next button!

| View | Upload your own This slideshow is an attempt to help people make the best of a limiting design. Regular readers know that I’m no fan of the Next button. (Are you new here? Try Why you really want to be short or Visual menus: Structure with style). Thanks to Erik Wallen–his comment […]

Why you really want to be short


The elearning samples page lists more than 35 inspiring interactions. Why did so few corporate courses make the final list? One reason: The people who designed the interactions knew the following 3 Secrets of Shortness. 1. Forget the intro Typical course: “Welcome to the Widget Functionality course! Widgets are undoubtedly an important part of our […]

Visual menus: structure with style

Visual menus

We expect learners to make complex decisions on the job. Then why don’t we let them decide how to use a simple course? Novices need structure. But how should we show it?