Can we use training to motivate?

Is low motivation a problem on its own, or is it caused by something else? Can training help, or is it a waste of time? Here are some ideas to consider, along with an update to the flowchart from the previous post. Read more.

Feedback in scenarios: Let them think!

Do we really need a know-it-all Omniscient One to explain everything to our learners? Or can we trust them to draw conclusions from the results of their choices? Read more.

Are learners idiots?

Are you under pressure to treat your learners like clueless children? Here are some ways to manage a stakeholder or that voice in your head that wants to lead learners by the nose. Read more

How to create a memorable mini-scenario

Often we’re told, “Put this information into a course.” But what happens if we put the information into a job aid instead, and then design mini-scenarios that help learners use the job aid? Here’s an example. Read more

Do we really need narration?

When should elearning be narrated? I think we should rephrase the question as, “When is it a good idea to force all learners to go at the same pace?” That’s what narrated material does. The pace of the narration controls the pace of the material. When you’re learning from narrated material, you can’t easily skim […]

Why you want to use scenarios in your elearning

Imagine that you’re in a competition to overhaul an information-heavy course so it creates a real change in the world. What changes would you make? Check out this story-based presentation to see what one fictional company did. Read more

Four ways to move your learners from clueless to confident

I climbed onto the tram, folded my ticket, and with some trepidation stuck it into an unmarked metal box. A happy ding announced my success. I did it! I correctly rode a tram in Amsterdam! Small victories like these make me love to travel. Every day I move from clueless to confident as I tackle […]

Why you do not want to sound like a robot

“We shouldn’t use contractions because…” Let’s debunk all that.

How to add emotional impact with evocative images

The right image can turn a blah message into a memorable, meaningful experience. But how can you find stock images that aren’t, well, stock? Here are some tips that might help you use stock photos to reach your learners’ hearts as well as their minds. Aim for the evocative In a previous life as a […]

How to turn your learners into compulsive completers

“I don’t have all 217 Jubumba Beanie Bops!” your child cries. “I only have 216! I have to have the last one! Just one more! Pleeease!!!” Your child has been possessed by the Compulsive Completer, a beast that lives in all of us. From deep within our brains, it intones, “Must! Complete! Collection!” The closer […]