How to add emotional impact with evocative images

The right image can turn a blah message into a memorable, meaningful experience. But how can you find stock images that aren’t, well, stock? Here are some tips that might help you use stock photos to reach your learners’ hearts as well as their minds. Aim for the evocative In a previous life as a […]

How can visuals show abstract concepts?

Want to develop your ability to show abstract ideas? Find inspiration at these unusual sites. Le Grand Content: PowerPoint, death, and hamsters This short video takes typical PowerPoint visuals into quirky philosophical territory. According to the artist, Clemens Kogler, “Intersections and diagrams are assembled to form a grand ‘association-chain-massacre’ which challenges itself to answer all […]

How to find good stock photos

Move over, stock photos. Poser’s here.

Should we narrate on-screen text?

It’s common to assume that you should have a narrator read text to the learner. However, this could hurt learning in three ways: Increases cognitive load: Learners will read more quickly to themselves than your narrator can read to them. Research suggests that this sets up a distracting echo that interferes with learners’ ability to […]