How to kick off a project and avoid an info dump

Factory worker

Do you feel like you’re an assembly line worker in a course factory, expected to crank out training on demand? Break free of the assembly line with a strong kickoff meeting that puts you in charge. Learn more.

How to create a training goal in 2 quick steps

How to create a goal

A measurable business goal is a great way to focus your training and show how your work helps your organization. Here’s how to create one. Learn more.

Three simple but powerful ways to get love from your leaders

3 ways to get L&D love

Business leaders love their L&D departments! Well, maybe 20 percent of them do, according to surveys. Here are three ways to get real business results and win the love you deserve. Read more.

What to do if they just want “awareness”

What to do if they just want awareness

“We just need everyone to be aware of the policy,” your client says. In response, you could obediently crank out a 97-slide information dump — or you could ask a few powerful questions. Read more.

Elearning ROI: Can we lead the way?

Leader exhorting followers

Want to show that your elearning adds value? Tom Kuhlmann recently suggested these steps: Meet your customer’s expectations Align your projects to real measurable objectives Control production costs Measurable goals and controlled costs are vital. Of course, we also want to meet our customer’s expectations–but are those expectations always best for the business? Sometimes we […]

What’s your real goal?

What's your real goal?

“Some clients ask me for a boat. What they really need is to cross a river.”–Ronald Shakespear When we say, “we need a course about X,” we’re talking about a boat. We put all our energy into its design and construction. Everyone wants their favorite features–shiny chrome, a fun game room. But will it get […]