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Support Twine

The developer of Twine, Chris Klimas, has a Patreon page where you can contribute to help him continue development. Twine is free. Similar tools from elearning vendors can cost more than $1,000. Please consider giving Chris some portion of the money that you won’t be spending on those other tools.

Chris is also available to help you develop interactive stories. See his site at Unmapped Path.

Get help with Twine

Bug reports, issues: The Twine Bitbucket page

Tips and tricks
Here are some places where you can learn more tricks with Twine.

YouTube users who have published Twine videos and tutorials include Dan Cox, MrOommen1, and VegetarianZombie.

I can’t provide support for Twine or help you decide which tool is best for you. Please see the above links for help with Twine, and to discuss tools, you might try one of the many LinkedIn discussion groups for elearning.


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