New Zealand & Australia 2018

Conference and consulting in New Zealand

NZATD Conference

In mid-May, I’ll be presenting and running an informal workshop at the NZATD conference in Auckland. My main theme will be “Jedi mind tricks for training designers” — how to recognize and gently change the mindset of clients and colleagues.

On-site consulting and brainstorming

I’ll be available for a limited number of site visits in the region in May. I’m calling them action mapping accelerators.

In a one-day visit to your workplace, I’ll help you:

  • Identify and conquer the forces that are inspiring information dumps
  • Help your team transition from content producers to valued performance igniters
  • Establish new procedures that make it easy for everyone to create activity-rich materials
  • More deeply embed action mapping in your workplace

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Another alternative is a half-day brainstorming session: Everyone brings a current problem or project, and we figure out how to make it work. Sound interesting? Let’s talk.

Pacific-friendly version of the scenario design course

The June version of the live, online scenario design course has a session in a Pacific-friendly time. In the past, very dedicated people from the region have attended at 4 AM, but now you can become a master scenario designer at a civilized hour. Check it out.