Training design for business results

On-site workshop

Length: One to three days

Maximum size: 25 people

Audience: Instructional designers, training developers, and anyone else who is regularly asked to develop instruction for the business world

What problem does the workshop solve?

As learning and development professionals, we face three major challenges:

  • When someone says, “My team needs training,” we’re expected to believe them without question. However, training is rarely the best or only solution to a problem.
  • The training we’re expected to create is supposed to deliver information. However, lack of information is rarely the real or only problem.
  • No one connects what we’re doing to a measurable improvement in the performance of the organization, so we’re marginalized.

What’s the solution?

In this workshop, we’ll practice applying these potentially career-changing skills:

  • When someone says, “My team needs training,” we’ll respond with gentle but powerful questions.
  • First, we’ll uncover how the problem affects the performance of the business. With the client, we’ll commit to improving performance in an observable, measurable way.
  • Next, we’ll uncover the real problem and the best solution – which is often something quicker and cheaper than training.
  • Finally, when training is part of the solution, we’ll resist the pressure to create an information dump. Instead, we’ll focus on helping people practice the actions we need to reach our performance goal.

As a result,

  • Our role will evolve from training developer to performance consultant.
  • Our work will clearly contribute to the performance of our organizations.
  • Our solutions will be highly targeted and more effective. They could involve job aids, changes to processes, and other improvements, not just training.
  • Any instruction we develop will be focused, lively, and challenging. It will be designed to change behavior, not just transfer knowledge.

For details, please download the workshop description.


One-day version: US$11,000
Two-day version: US$16,000
Three-day version: US$19,000

The above prices include my travel costs if I’m on your continent and you’re a reasonable distance away. Please see the workshop calendar to find out which continents I’ll be on in the coming months.

Sorry, this isn’t a custom workshop.

I’m happy to emphasize the points that you feel your team needs to hear. However, the content of the workshop and the action mapping model that I’ll present is set.

Is this for you?

Before ordering a workshop, please familiarize yourself with the suggestions that I offer on this blog and the style in which I offer them. You might start with this popular manifesto and then view recorded workshops that are linked on the main workshops page.

Also, if you couldn’t show this cartoon or this presentation to your team without problems, my workshop will be a bad fit for you, as it uses the same sort of humor.

This workshop isn’t suitable for academia or for organizations that don’t set measurable goals for organizational performance.


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