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Need a developer who creates activity-rich, powerful learning experiences? You’ve found them!

If you’ve been disappointed by other developers’ click-through courses, I can recommend a firm for you. They’re the only elearning developer that I know of that uses action mapping to create activity-driven, challenging instructional experiences.

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They’re an international team with decades of experience and a determination to rid the world of boring instruction.

Their 40 collaborators include instructional designers, graphic artists, audio editors, translators, and SCORM-savvy course developers.

They have decades of experience in learning design and development for world-class businesses. Their clients include Carrefour, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Petrobras, Santander, Skanska, and Sanofi Aventis.

The development team uses the right tool for the job, whether that’s Articulate Storyline, Captivate, custom Flash, HTML5…

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Become a scenario design ninja!

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